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Over 50 Anti-Torture Activists Arrested at White House Protest

by William Hughes
On Thursday, April 30, 2009, in a massive act of non-violent "civil resistance" over 50 activists were arrested at a protest action in front of the White House. The protesters refused to move from the sidewalk when ordered to do so by the police. The activists were demanding that the administration of President Barack Obama uphold the supremacy of the law and investigate and prosecute wrongdoers in the Bush-Cheney administration responsible for "acts of torture." The demonstration was sponsored by the group Witness Against Torture. The activists also charged that many of the most egregious torture policies carried out by the Bush-Cheney administration "remain in place."

New Information on Death of 9/11 Whistleblower Barry Jennings

Jack Blood of Deadline Live reported yesterday, April 16, 2009, that he was told by Loose Change director Dylan Avery that there is now a very good possibility that Barry Jennings' death could have been due to foul play. According to Blood, Avery hired a private investigator to look into Jennings' mysterious death. However, the investigator ended up referring the case to law enforcement before refunding his pay and asking Avery to never contact him again. Avery also visited Jennings home and found it vacant and for sale.more...

Demonstration at Home of Constellation Energy CEO

by William Hughes
On Monday evening, April 6, 2009, anti-electricity-rate-hike activists staged a candlelight march and demonstration. It ended up at the residence in north Baltimore of Mayo Shattuck, CEO of Constellation Energy, the parent company of BGE. The activists are demanding the reregulation and "roll back of gas and electric rates" in Maryland and a halt to any planned shut-offs by BGE of electric utilities to about "84,000 households." The protest action was cosponsored by the Bailout the People Movement and Maryland Coalition for BGE Reregulation.